Surprising Stats About Trump’s Supporters via via

Some of these statistics have me scratching my head. As a progressive who votes Democrat, and a New Yorker, I’m almost hoping some of it is wrong, but the NY Times does pretty good reporting, so the numbers are likely accurate!

From the NY Times:

His very best voters are self-identified Republicans who nonetheless are registered as Democrats.

He fares best in a broad swath of the country stretching from the Gulf Coast, up the spine of the Appalachian Mountains, to upstate New York.

Mr. Trump’s best state is West Virginia, followed by New York.

His geographic pattern of support… is similar to a map of the tendency toward racism by region, according to measures like the prevalence of Google searches for racial slurs and racist jokes, or scores on implicit association tests [see map from the Times article]. 

Many Democrats may now even identify as Republicans, or as independents who lean Republican, when asked by pollsters. Mr. Trump appears to hold his greatest strength among people like these — registered Democrats who identify as Republican leaners — with 43 percent of their support, according to the Civis data.

What’s goin’ on?




7 thoughts on “Surprising Stats About Trump’s Supporters

  1. That guy will bring the USA in complete isolation from the rest of the world…. If all Americans would read about what’s really going on in the rest of the world in media from outside their own country…. maybe, very maybe … they will all scratch their heads …

  2. Trump’s popularity is perplexing. He certainly seems to appeal to bullies – people who feel downtrodden but are too afraid to confront their powerful oppressors, so instead focus anger and hate on little-guy scapegoats.

    I hope Trump supporters figure out they need Bernie Sanders, who is prepared to lead them in fighting the real enemy. Sanders has real brains, real integrity, and real strength.

  3. Trump’s popularity is perplexing only to those of us who think we progressives are in the majority. Poorly educated, fearful people can be led almost anywhere by demagogs like The Donald. Even well educated, fearful people can be so led – witness Germany in the 1930s.

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