Surprising Stats About Trump’s Supporters via via

Some of these statistics have me scratching my head. As a progressive who votes Democrat, and a New Yorker, I’m almost hoping some of it is wrong, but the NY Times does pretty good reporting, so the numbers are likely accurate!

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A New York Town’s Ban on Fracking

Dresden, New York - courtesy of rhl130 via

Dresden, New York – courtesy of rhl130 via


An excerpt of an article from The New York Times (October 23, 2013):

In August 2011, the town [Dresden, NY] passed a zoning ordinance effectively forbidding hydraulic fracturing, the controversial gas extraction method also known as fracking. The ordinance, passed after a feisty local lobbying effort, prompted a lawsuit now being mulled by New York State’s highest court, the Court of Appeals, whose ruling could settle the long-simmering issue of whether the state’s municipalities can ban the drilling process.

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Experience a Different Time: The Cloisters Museum

The Cloisters – Photo credit: mattjiggins / / CC BY


I wrote this article for a college journalism class. 

Stepping into Fort Tryon Park with The Cloisters Museum looming in the distance is like stepping out of twenty-first century America and into medieval Europe. The sheer vastness of the park engulfs the senses with things almost foreign to modern city life- an unobstructed view of the local beauty, the Hudson River; countless brightly colored, fragrant flowers of several species; boundless stretches of green grass. There are people here, too, but there’s no jostling for a prime subway seat or a hard earned spot in a long line. It’s difficult to believe that such a place exists in the middle of Manhattan.

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NY State Budget Leaves College Students Out

NY State Legislature- photo courtesy of

NY State Legislature- photo courtesy of


Article I wrote for a SUNY Purchase College newspaper.

In March, the 2013-14 NY State budget was passed by legislature in Albany. Of its many components, it increases the minimum wage to $9 an hour over three years and gives local businesses several tax breaks including one to encourage the hiring of recent veterans, according to CBS New York’s website. The full list of services and agencies granted continued or increased funding is long, but according to education reform activists there is a glaring omission — funds to improve conditions for students of state colleges and universities.

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