Congressional Hearing on Flint Lead Water Crisis Disappointing So Far


By Steve Johnson via Flickr

Click on image above for Rachel Maddow Show news clip about Flint water crisis.

Congress is now investigating the Flint, Michigan lead water crisis, according to the Rachel Maddow Show. Ideally, those who are suspected to be responsible for the high levels of lead in the town’s drinking water would appear before a committee to answer for their actions. However, the key players in the crisis, including the governor of Michigan and the Environment Protection Agency whistle-blower, will NOT be testifying for the investigation!

The Republican-lead investigation committee seems less than concerned about getting to the bottom of the issue, which I’m afraid may leave the victims of the crisis with no recourse. Will anyone be held accountable, criminally and financially, for permanent health conditions brought on by drinking polluted water for two years, like brain damage and abnormal development in children?

On a positive note, the FBI has started a criminal investigation into the issue, and seems to be taking things more seriously than Congress.


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