Surprising Stats About Trump’s Supporters via via

Some of these statistics have me scratching my head. As a progressive who votes Democrat, and a New Yorker, I’m almost hoping some of it is wrong, but the NY Times does pretty good reporting, so the numbers are likely accurate!

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The Trans-Pacific Partnership is like NAFTA on steroids!

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“The TPP was written in secret by industry insiders who care more about corporate profits than working Americans! Fast tracking the TPP would railroad this bad bill through Congress, with limited debate, before Congress can even read the fine print.”


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Bill Maher Announces “Flip a District” Campaign

Tanya’s Comment: I think this is a great idea! Bill Maher is a well-known TV personality who has strong political views and a very “in your face” presence, so any political candidate he targets on his show will be under a very harsh spotlight. It will be interesting to see what impact this makes on the coming elections. If it does make an impact, hopefully Bill Maher, as well as others in the media, will continue to do this.

Real Time With Bill Maher: Bill Maher Announces “Flip a District” Campaign (HBO)

Real Time

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