If The Gap Can Raise Wages, So Can Walmart! (petition)

Photo courtesy of lawyersandsettlements.com

Photo courtesy of lawyersandsettlements.com


From Credo Mobilize:

Walmart cannot be neutral when, despite its $17 billion in profits last year, it chooses to pay its employees so little that many are forced to rely on tax-payer programs. Pay your workers a minimum of $25,000 per year so they are not forced to rely on government assistance.

The Gap announced plans to raise its wage to $10 by the end of next year. Yet, Walmart, the country’s largest retailer, has failed to act while many of its 1.3 million workers are barely scraping by. If The Gap can do it, Walmart can too.

Sign the petition to demand that Walmart start treating its employees fairly! 69,430 people have signed it so far!


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