To Pres. Obama: Cut Carbon Pollution From Power Plants (petition)

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A strong rule to limit carbon pollution from power plants is one of the most important things that President Obama can do to fight climate change.

But despite the president’s explicit commitments, the White House is dragging its feet on implementing these vital rules. The rules have been required by law under the Clean Air Act since 2009. With global atmospheric CO2 concentration breaching 400 parts per million for the first time in recorded human history last year, the rules can’t come too soon.

It took the EPA until March of 2012 to first propose a weak rule on new (unbuilt) power plants, which actually does nothing to limit the pollution that power plants are currently pouring into our atmosphere. Now, almost two years later, the EPA has weakened the rule even further, and is currently accepting public comments into March of this year.

With victims of droughts, fires, floods and storms around the country already paying a rapidly escalating price for the fossil fuel industry’s free pass to super-heat our planet, the president simply cannot drag his feet anymore.

The president needs to make good on his commitment to act on climate change, and work to immediately implement not only strong rules on unbuilt power plants, but much more important, strong rules to limit carbon pollution from the existing power plants that are polluting our atmosphere right now

Sign the petition here to submit your public comment to the EPA!


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