Stray Bullet Kills 3-Year-Old in Philadelphia

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When I read a news story like this, I can’t help but to wonder what a gun rights advocate must think when he or she reads the same story (

“A three-year-old girl was shot dead on a porch in Philadelphia when an argument between two men in the street resulted in gunfire. Tynirah Borum was struck in the left side of her chest while sitting on a porch getting her hair done on Friday evening. She was rushed to a hospital but pronounced dead by 10:21 p.m.”

Perhaps they think, “Well, it’s too bad that poor, Black child was killed, but I still have a right to own a gun, you know. I need to protect myself.” Perhaps the gunman was armed because he/she felt a need for that kind of protection. Fine. But who protects the rest of us from those who are armed?


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