Stray Bullet Kills 3-Year-Old in Philadelphia

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When I read a news story like this, I can’t help but to wonder what a gun rights advocate must think when he or she reads the same story (

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Victims of Domestic Violence Shouldn’t Be Made Victims to Guns

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I recently received this message in an email from a group called Americans for Responsible Solutions, of which I am a member. It was started by Congresswoman Gabby Giffords and her husband to fight for gun control laws:

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Good Source of Info On Gun Deaths, Statistics, etc.

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Photo courtesy of, an independent online news organization, has compiled a thorough collection of gun-related articles on their website. It’s a great resource for anyone wanting a deeper understanding of gun violence in America.

The website lists a variety of gun-related articles and research, grouped by subject/issue. Issues covered: Are mass shootings increasing?; gun deaths among women and children; the NRA; how politics protect gun dealers who sell guns used in crimes; Stand Your Ground” laws; and others.

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