Keep The Keystone XL Pipeline Off Our Land! (petition)

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From Care2 Petition Site:

If someone tried to run a giant sewer line through your backyard, you’d try to stop them, right? That’s exactly what TransCanada, a foreign oil company, is trying to do to Susan Dunavan and her family. They want to run the sprawling Keystone XL oil pipeline from the tar sands of Alberta to the Gulf Coast, putting Susan’s family and her neighbors in danger.

Environmentally, this pipeline would be a disaster. Tar sand oil is extremely dirty, emitting three times more carbon dioxide than conventional oil. Worse, this pipeline means a persistent threat of an oil spill anywhere along its 2,000-mile length.

Economically, Keystone XL is no better. Estimates indicate the price of gas in Midwestern towns would skyrocket. Moreover, President Obama recently said the project would only create about 50 permanent jobs.

Send a message to TransCanada CEO Russ Girling today: Stop the Keystone XL project before it damages the very fabric of our heartland!

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10 thoughts on “Keep The Keystone XL Pipeline Off Our Land! (petition)

  1. First Tanya do you really think all the petitions in the world are going to stop this very rich man from making more money ? This whole thing is stilled jammed up in congress as well.

    • I really think that activism, inc. petitions, can create progress in society. It may not happen right away, but hopefully it will eventually (in regards to the Keystone Pipeline project). It’s why I do activism. The hope is that things can and will eventually change over time as more people put pressure on the government and businesses.

  2. Thanks Tanya. I have signed every petition against this pipeline(and now, this one as well) even though I know the reality of what xbox2121 has stated. This XL pipeline will be completed because the power structure have bought Congress and Obummer a long time ago. And even knowing all the oil leaks that have already occurred they still push forward. Sad state of affairs!

    • As I said to xbox2121, I really think that activism, inc. petitions can make a difference over time. But it’s true, this case is an uphill battle. Hopefully, we’ll wear down these businesses and the gov’t. enough to not use the pipeline.

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