Dolphin in the Wild Asks Divers For Help

In this video I found on Mother Nature Network, a dolphin that is entangled in a fishing net swims up to divers for help. It is a beautiful, and inspirational, example of living beings trusting and helping each other. It would be nice if we had more of this. Maybe one day we will.

From Mother Nature Network:

The dolphin had to surface for air once during the rescue, but it returned so Laros [the diver] could finish the job [of cutting off the fishing net]. Its presumed foresight, bravery and patience throughout the ordeal impressed the veteran diver, who says the video provides further evidence of dolphin intelligence.

“It’s a huge thrill to be able to help an animal that clearly knows what’s going on,” he tells NBC. “He made the effort to come to us. … The dolphin is really intelligent. It’s a relationship. He came to us because he had a problem.”


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