Dolphin Defense

Walking with the Alligators

A Dolphin group in Xcaret, Mexico
Picture credit:  Truncatus

Today is feel good Sunday, so in Honor of this day of positive  thinking, here is a  feel good story.

Do you need or want,  yet another reason to fight for and defend wild animals?

Is it just me, or do Dolphins always look happy and like they are smiling?

I give you this story,  in the hopes that you too will become a wildlife or any animal defender from this point on~

Recently in the waters off of New Zealand, near Cook Strait,  British swimmer Adam Walker, was saved from the jaws, (truly sorry for that) of a Great White Shark.

Walker  was about to become lunch while swimming for Whale and Dolphin Conservation,  in support of the very animals that saved him.

This was his seventh swim for the group to raise money and awareness for Whales and Dolphins around the world.

The pod of…

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Dolphin in the Wild Asks Divers For Help

In this video I found on Mother Nature Network, a dolphin that is entangled in a fishing net swims up to divers for help. It is a beautiful, and inspirational, example of living beings trusting and helping each other. It would be nice if we had more of this. Maybe one day we will.

From Mother Nature Network:

The dolphin had to surface for air once during the rescue, but it returned so Laros [the diver] could finish the job [of cutting off the fishing net]. Its presumed foresight, bravery and patience throughout the ordeal impressed the veteran diver, who says the video provides further evidence of dolphin intelligence.

“It’s a huge thrill to be able to help an animal that clearly knows what’s going on,” he tells NBC. “He made the effort to come to us. … The dolphin is really intelligent. It’s a relationship. He came to us because he had a problem.”