Airplane Noise Pollution at SUNY Purchase College

This is a news video I just finished with two other journalism students for a journalism class, Multiple Platform Writing. It’s about noise pollution at my school, SUNY Purchase College, coming from the nearby airport.

I’d heard many students complain about the constant sound of planes flying over the campus, and have noticed my own frustration with it, as well, especially when trying to shoot video projects outside. A college campus being built so close to an airport is a little wacky, but we find a way to deal with it. The Westchester County Airport opened in 1945. Construction of the college began in 1967 and the first students were admitted in 1968. Smart.


Thai Video About Random Acts of Kindness

This video is from Thailand and shows a beautiful story of a group of strangers who change each other’s lives by choosing to be compassionate to each other. It has become quite popular. I’ve posted it because it shows us how random acts of kindness can really make a difference in a person’s life.

It will definitely make you smile!

Demonstration of Force Feeding in Guantánamo Bay

How on Earth does this not constitute torture? And how on Earth is this legal?!? What is Pres. Obama thinking? And how does he explain this to his children?

From The Guardian’s page on YouTube:

As Ramadan begins, more than 100 hunger-strikers in Guantánamo Bay continue their protest. More than 40 of them are being force-fed.

In this four-minute film made by Human Rights organisation Reprieve and Bafta award-winning director Asif Kapadia, US actor and rapper Yasiin Bey (formerly known as Mos Def), experiences the procedure.

From The Daily Beast:

Anyone who has had a nasogastric tube placed through their throat while awake knows why hospitalized patients often complain about the tube more than they complain about the pain of surgery.

The gagging can be extreme even when patients are relaxed and cooperating by swallowing repeatedly during the procedure. Resisting the tube during its insertion, as the unwilling detainees at Guantanamo do, elicits an exacerbated rapid cycle of gasping for air and gagging or vomiting.

Why is the U.S. government initiating this new round of forced gagging? It may be simply to save itself from the potential embarrassment if a majority of detainees die on a principled hunger strike.

From The Guardian:

“We believe it’s wrong to force feed at any time but it is particularly upsetting to do it through Ramadan,” said Ibrahim Hooper, spokesman of the largest US Muslim civil rights and advocacy group, the Council On American-Islamic Relations (CAIR).

“It’s not just a religious issue, it’s also a human rights issue in violation of international norms and medical ethics.”