Organic Is Pricier, But Better

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MSN has a video up about the debate over whether organic produce is healthier than conventional produce. The video cites studies done that compared the two and found that organic fruits and veggies have up to 70% more antioxidants than conventionally grown food. The studies also confirm that organic food doesn’t contain chemicals that conventional food is doused with, namely pesticides and cadmium, thus making organic healthier.

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Moments of a Lifetime

Tanya’s comment: To practice self-compassion is to forgive yourself for your mistakes; to stop saying “I should’ve…”; to stop criticizing yourself for things you can’t change. Seeking to improve one’s self is a great pursuit, but constant self-judgement is not productive.

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Suncreen SPF Myths Debunked

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The Environmental Working Group is a non-profit organization that works to provide consumers with the truth about what’s in our products and the effects product ingredients can have on our health. They cover a wide range of household items, including skin care, food, and cleaning supplies. Just in time for summer is their guide to what to look for, and watch out for, in sunscreens.

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What you focus

Take a Break

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A website called has videos of nature scenes and a woman’s voice doing guided meditation. I’ve used the site many times and find it very relaxing. As you’re watching the video, focus only on the video and nothing else. You can decide which scene you want to watch, and can press pause if you don’t need to listen to the guided imagery.

Use it as a break from your day, or a time to relax after a stressful day. Or anytime you need it.

A New Kind of Company: B Corporations

Peeled Snacks is a B Company- photo courtesy of

Peeled Snacks is a B Corporation- photo courtesy of


The B Corporation- (The B stands for “beneficial.”) To become a certified B Corporation, a company must consider the interests of employees, the community, and the environment instead of worrying solely about shareholders. Those amendments, according to B Lab, will let entrepreneurs like Hannigan take on outside investors without worrying that their values will be compromised. “For us, this is a huge step forward,” says Hannigan, whose company recently became one of about two dozen certified B Corporations.

For more, go to, then come back and tell me what you think! Do you think this is just a temporary trend, or will it last? Will it catch on, or is American society too obsessed with profit to take it seriously?