Good News: Charges Against Tremaine McMillian Have Been Dropped!

I was so excited to get this in my email today:

Tremain McMillian - photo courtesy of

Tremain McMillian – photo courtesy of

Tremaine McMillian’s mother Maurissa watched as her 14-year-old son was forced to the ground in public by the police as he played with his puppy on the beach. He was choked in a headlock because the police said his body posture was “threatening” — and then charged with a felony.

Maurissa started a petition on to get the charges dropped against her son. After 186,539 people signed, including you, her petition won! Tremaine won’t be charged with any crimes.

Video of Tremaine being attacked on the beach quickly spread online, but after the initial media attention and outrage faded, Maurissa was afraid that her son would be convicted. That’s why it was so important that you and thousands of others signed her petition: she was able to show the Florida State Attorney that people still cared about what happened to Tremaine.

People like Tremaine’s mom are starting petitions on every day and winning. What do you want to change? Click here to start your own petition now in just three easy steps.

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I posted this petition on my blog from after hearing about this case in the news. For everyone that signed it, Thank You! We can make a difference, we did make a difference. Let’s keep doing it! 😀


Petition: Drop Charges Against Black Teen Who Was Choked By Police Over ‘Dehumanizing’ Stare

Tremaine McMillian - photo courtesy of

Tremaine McMillian – photo courtesy of


The events that led up to the petition, as described by the America Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) in an article:

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