We told them so: Democrats are searching for their soul… belatedly

The Secular Jurist

By Robert A. Vella

Well over a year ago, The Secular Jurist began to repeatedly warn Democrats they would lose the crucial 2014 election and seriously divide the party going forward if they didn’t coalesce around a core set of principles (see here, here, and here).  In A Blueprint for the Left, we proposed the following political platform:

  • Economic fairness through the concern for workers and for human prosperity.
  • Social justice as a principled commitment to civil rights and equal application of the law.
  • Public education as the instrument of knowledge and for developing productive citizens.
  • Secular government to ensure both freedom of, and freedom from religion.
  • Political equality via open democracy and restricting the corrupting influence of money.
  • Self-determination through the preclusion of transnational and supranational authorities.

Now, after the November debacle, some Democrats are warming-up to our idea… belatedly.  From Richard Eskow of Campaign…

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A Blueprint for the Left

The Secular Jurist

By Robert A. Vella

We on the political left are a frustrated lot.  Our fundamental values, economic fairness and social justice, are so plainly relatable to the human condition that their marginalization within national politics causes us intense consternation.  If the people support those ideas, so goes our thinking, then why aren’t they given higher priority in democracies which are supposed to be publicly responsive?

The answer challenges our competency to achieve what we so emphatically promote.  The political left was once a powerful force in western politics.  The great social democracies of Europe, the New Deal era in America, made tremendous strides in economic and social equality.  Then it was split apart due to self-inflicted wounds and through internal divisions which were aggressively exploited by an opportunistic conservative movement.  In the aftermath of that fall from power, the Left has failed to properly reorganize itself.  It remains a fractious…

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