Sooner or later, Republicans will have to confront their Tea Party extremists

The Secular Jurist

By Robert A. Vella

Late last night, the Republican leadership in the House of Representatives once again cowered before the radical extremists in their party.  After the firebrand Tea Party senator from Texas – Ted Cruz – had brazenly scuttled House Speaker John Boehner’s border remediation plan the day before, Republican leaders acquiesced to the rabid right-wing pressure and passed an even more draconian pair of bills in the media shadow of a Friday evening (see:  House passes $694 million border bill).

Sooner or later, Republicans will have no other choice but to directly confront this insurgency within their political party.  Otherwise, the Tea Party will inevitably win this escalating GOP civil war.  Why?  Because what drives the Tea Party is unrelenting zealotry for an irrational ideology based on hostility:  hatred of democratic governance, hatred of ethnic, racial, religious, and sexual equality, and a profound resentment over losing the…

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Republicans & The Koch Bros. Eyeing U.S. Senate


The recent Senate primary victory in North Carolina went to Republican Speaker of the State House Thom Tillis. Here’s why this is terrible (from People for the American Way [PFAW]):

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Politicians & The Public


Senator Ted Cruz has been called many things during his time in Congress. To many of his own colleagues who feel he’s too extreme, he’s a “thorn in the side” of the Republican Party. He’s also been called a “firebrand” for his ability to energize and increase supporters of the fringe Tea Party movement. In fact, calls him the “Tea Party wonder boy.”

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Democrats Feeling Hopeful About 2013 Elections

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Some good news from the New York Times for anyone fed up with the Republicans and the Tea Party:

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The Truth About the Federal Food Stamp Program


I found some good infographics about the federal food stamp program (SNAP) from Click on the graphs to see them larger. Click on the link to see the rest of the graphs.

Believe me, the statistics will surprise you and will show you how vital food stamps are for millions of people and what will happen if its funding is cut by the Republicans and the Tea Party. As we speak, both groups are working to reduce the amount of people who are eligible to receive this aid, as well as reduce how much aid people who are currently on the program can get. Some reductions will be starting in November of this year.

The graph below about food stamp fraud will be particularly enlightening to those who think there is rampant misuse of the program. The graph shows that not only has fraud gone down, but that there are more people who are underpaid what they are eligible for compared to those who get too much:


Tea Party Has Been Planning Shutdown For A Long Time

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So you think the government shutdown happened because of some last minute crisis? That’s wrong- it’s was planned well in advance by the ultra-conservative Tea Party and its followers, including groups like Tea Party Patriots, Americans for Prosperity, FreedomWorks, and Club for Growth, a business-backed nonprofit organization. Others are Generation Opportunity, Young Americans for Liberty, the Heritage Action and the Heritage Foundation. The billionaire Koch brothers, Charles and David, have been deeply involved with financing the overall effort.

Think this is just some crazy, paranoid conspiracy? It isn’t- it’s been reported in the New York Times. See for yourself.

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America is losing Democracy, and Americans may no longer be worthy of it

This is a brilliant and sharp analysis of what’s happening today in America. May it also serve as a warning to those of us who still aren’t taking the Tea Party seriously as a threat to American society and democracy.  -Tanya

The Secular Jurist

As the United States wallows through a self-inflicted crisis over another government shutdown combined with a potentially catastrophic financial default, it is critically important to recognize what we are seeing – the piecemeal destruction of American democracy by its radical right-wing.  This is not petty partisan politics or even brinksmanship.  This is a deliberate attack on the nation’s structural institutions which allow the people to exercise their right to self-governance through majority rule.  Those who oppose this practice of democracy, emblemized by the virulent Tea Party, are motivated by an irrational adherence to an authoritarian orthodoxy which has merged the laissez-faire capitalism of Ayn Rand with Christian fundamentalism and White nationalism.  Their zealous pursuit of a win-at-all-costs strategy is not sane.

In almost every respect, the ideology of the modern-day Tea Party parallels that of the Antebellum South prior to the Civil War; and therefore, can be accurately described as

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