Sierra Backdrop~

Tanya’s comment: Stopping to appreciate and enjoy nature helps us understand why it must be protected.

DSC09861 (3)
transforms seedy,
DSC09864 (3)

into splendid.
DSC09729 (2)

Snow blanketing,

drought ravaged land.
Mother Nature cooling,
her still feverish child.
Cheers to you from fragile California~

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Snowflakes in Detail

I found these pictures of snowflakes on while checking out the forecast for my area. They say we in NY will be getting 3-6 inches of snow on Dec. 10th. Snow is pretty, but annoying to have to walk in! I’m hoping they’ll cancel classes! It’ll give me more time to finish an article for a journalism class that’s due by 5pm Tuesday!

These pics were taken by Russian photographer Alexey¬†Kljatov. They are gorgeous, aren’t they? I love nature photography, so I wanted to post them!