Leaked UN Climate Report Paints Bleak Picture For Humanity

Tanya’s Comments: The article goes on to describe a time in the far future in which who ever is left standing will ask why the most powerful nation in the world, the United States, permitted “a cabal so xenophobic, so vehemently anti-science, to dictate climate policy.” I love how the author refers to the Republican Party as a cabal. It’s quite a strong term, but frighteningly fitting.

The ones left standing won’t care about the details of 21st century politics- they’ll lack the luxury of such musings. Instead, they’ll worry about their ever declining quality of life. They’ll look out at a mutilated, defaced environment that can barely sustain life. And they’ll be angry. They’ll be angry at Republicans (inc. the Tea Party) for choosing religion and money over science, common sense, and compassion. And they’ll be angry at everyone else for allowing Republicans to have their way. They’ll say, “Why did they do this to us?”

The Secular Jurist

When Historians in 2100 look back at the events of the early 2000’s they will conclude that the most profound and far-reaching characteristic of the political gridlock in the United States during that era wasn’t either party’s position on taxes, Social Security, Medicare, immigration, guns, gay marriage or abortion, but rather the reflexive dismissal by the Republican Party of anything preceded by the letters “U.N.”

Writing on virtual, evanescent screens in their air-conditioned enclaves, situated well above saturated coastal regions teeming with desperate populations, they will ask themselves why any nation–let alone the world’s wealthiest–would permit a cabal so xenophobic, so vehemently anti-science to dictate climate policy at a time when the whole of human civilization stood dependent on concerted, cooperative action. They will ask why any nation would have empowered those whose sole objection to scientific truth boiled down to the fact that it was presented to them by…

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California GOP creates fake health care website to discourage constituents from obtaining insurance

Tanya’s Thoughts: It’s shameful that the Republicans are trying to confuse people about what Obamacare is, instead of letting people do their own research. It begs the question: What are Republicans so afraid of? Are they afraid Obamacare will actually work? Are they afraid that this new health care system might bring society a small step closer to social equality?

The Secular Jurist

California Republicans are desperate and shameless. In the past two weeks, GOP Assembly members have sent mailings out on what appears to be the state’s dime to their constituents about health insurance. Only, they don’t direct those people to CoveredCA.com to sign up. Instead, they send them to their own astroturf version with the url CoveringHealthCareCA.com.

On their version, there are links to negative articles and twisted messages intended to sour people on signing up for health insurance before they ever land at the official health exchange site.


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To House Republicans: Hands off Social Security and Medicare! (petitions)

Photo courtesy of SalFalko via Flickr

Photo courtesy of SalFalko via Flickr


From CredoAction.com:

The extremist Republican hostage-takers in the House who have irresponsibly and recklessly caused the government shutdown have now set their sights on attacking Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

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Fox News and the true stories of two purported Obamacare ‘victims’

The Secular Jurist

The nationwide Fox News dragnet to find and publicize anyone who might have been adversely affected by the Affordable Care Act (i.e. Obamacare) keeps getting derailed by diligent reporters armed with facts.  Here are two recent examples which blew up in their right-wing propagandist faces:

From:  Fox News Finds A Victim — Of Republicans’ Obamacare Sabotage

Fox host Elisabeth Hasselbeck welcomed guest Tammy Fiechtner onto the November 1 Fox & Friends to discuss a letter she received from her insurer explaining that she’s being automatically moved to a new insurance plan. Hasselbeck hyped “what’s being called the Obamacare coverage gap,” saying, despite the letter, that she “hasn’t gotten a new plan. In fact, she doesn’t have coverage at all.” Fiechtner’s comments shed more light on her predicament; the new plan she was being moved to had a similar premium, but a higher deductible. Fiechtner then explained that after exploring her options…

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Democrats Feeling Hopeful About 2013 Elections

Image courtesy of co.kendall.tx.us

Image courtesy of co.kendall.tx.us


Some good news from the New York Times for anyone fed up with the Republicans and the Tea Party:

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Republicans Give More Misinformation About Obamacare

Photo courtesy of 401(K) 2013 via flickr.com

Photo courtesy of 401(K) 2013 via flickr.com

Republicans were apparently furious that government would dare intrude on an insurance company’s freedom to offer a terrible product to desperate people.

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Obamacare Allowed Oregon to Cut Its Uninsured Population By 10 Percent Already

Photo courtesy of www.health.com

Photo courtesy of health.com


ThinkProgress.org has recently published an article about the success of Obamacare (aka Affordable Care Act) in Oregon, and it’s very encouraging:

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The Truth About the Federal Food Stamp Program


I found some good infographics about the federal food stamp program (SNAP) from CSMonitor.com. Click on the graphs to see them larger. Click on the link to see the rest of the graphs.

Believe me, the statistics will surprise you and will show you how vital food stamps are for millions of people and what will happen if its funding is cut by the Republicans and the Tea Party. As we speak, both groups are working to reduce the amount of people who are eligible to receive this aid, as well as reduce how much aid people who are currently on the program can get. Some reductions will be starting in November of this year.

The graph below about food stamp fraud will be particularly enlightening to those who think there is rampant misuse of the program. The graph shows that not only has fraud gone down, but that there are more people who are underpaid what they are eligible for compared to those who get too much:


America is losing Democracy, and Americans may no longer be worthy of it

This is a brilliant and sharp analysis of what’s happening today in America. May it also serve as a warning to those of us who still aren’t taking the Tea Party seriously as a threat to American society and democracy.  -Tanya

The Secular Jurist

As the United States wallows through a self-inflicted crisis over another government shutdown combined with a potentially catastrophic financial default, it is critically important to recognize what we are seeing – the piecemeal destruction of American democracy by its radical right-wing.  This is not petty partisan politics or even brinksmanship.  This is a deliberate attack on the nation’s structural institutions which allow the people to exercise their right to self-governance through majority rule.  Those who oppose this practice of democracy, emblemized by the virulent Tea Party, are motivated by an irrational adherence to an authoritarian orthodoxy which has merged the laissez-faire capitalism of Ayn Rand with Christian fundamentalism and White nationalism.  Their zealous pursuit of a win-at-all-costs strategy is not sane.

In almost every respect, the ideology of the modern-day Tea Party parallels that of the Antebellum South prior to the Civil War; and therefore, can be accurately described as

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A Senator Bluntly Says What We’re All Thinking About The Awful And Obnoxious Government Shutdown

The senator perfectly describes the govt shutdown. -Tanya


A Senator Bluntly Says What We’re All Thinking About The Awful And Obnoxious Government Shutdown

via A Senator Bluntly Says What We’re All Thinking About The Awful And Obnoxious Government Shutdown.

Why is nobody talking up Elizabeth Warren for President in ’16?  She’d clearly be the best qualified candidate since the end of World War II.

Senator Warren decided to get to the brass tacks about what this government shutdown is actually going to do to the country. She doesn’t mince words.

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