Rape Is Never the Victim’s Fault

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In a cultural climate in which rape is not taken seriously in many settings, such as college campuses and the military, we need to remember this quote. Rape is a crime and must be prosecuted. Let’s have compassion and respect for the victims of rape.


Tell Obama to Confront Rape in the Military

Photo courtesy of thepetitionsite.com

Photo courtesy of thepetitionsite.com


From Care2 (petition site):

“According to the Pentagon, there were 26,000 sexual assaults in the military last year, a 27% increase from the year before. However, the problem is most likely much worse. Even individuals that are supposed to work to stop this problem have been charged with sexual assault. Not only is the rate of assaults rising, it is getting harder for victims to access, or even qualify for, the disability benefits necessary to recover from the trauma of an assault. This is cruel and inexcusable. Despite this clear problem and the lack of resources to fix it, Congress is dragging its feet on a solution.
The members of our military cannot wait any longer — it’s time for Obama to take executive action and help solve this problem. Tell Obama to act now and confront rape in the military!”
Rape in the military needs to be taken more seriously. Sign this petition at Care2 if you agree.