Macy’s & Barneys Among Stores to Post a “Customers’ Bill of Rights”

Photo courtesy of Martin via

Photo courtesy of Martin via


As a black person, I was not at all surprised to hear recent complaints in the news of racial profiling in stores. Even as a child, I remember being followed around by store employees while walking through the aisles of a store. In fact, the black community in general has been aware of this for decades. The only real surprise is that people have finally taken the step to sue.

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Conversation Between a Black Man & a White Man About Racial Profiling

This exchange took place on CNN between CNN anchor Don Lemon, who is black, and conservative commentator Ben Ferguson, who is white.

The Raw Story (online news) titled their article about the video, “CNN’s Don Lemon schools white conservative: ‘Your privilege does not allow you to see… certain circumstances in society.’

I applaud The Raw Story for posting this frank, and at times heated, exchange. This is an issue than many feel uncomfortable talking about, but it is absolutely worth talking about. I hope you watch it.