Inside the mind of Charleston Massacre shooter Dylann Roof and the culture of White Supremacy

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By Robert A. Vella

Charleston Massacre shooter Dylann Roof

I stumbled upon this fine exposé by David Nir of the Daily Kos which delves deep into the white supremacist psyche of Charleston Massacre shooter Dylann Roof.  It reveals not only Roof’s hatred of blacks and other ethnic minorities, but also his disturbingly confused attitude towards Jews.

Although I won’t cite the text and quotations here (they’re very offensive), I strongly urge everyone to read the article for yourself.  Keep in mind that the racist views of Roof are not limited to the lunatic fringe of right-wing extremism, and that they are indicative of a far more extensive problem in America regarding racial attitudes.

See:  Dylann Roof: ‘If we could turn every jew blue for 24 hours, I think there would be a mass awakening’

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Senate OKs First Openly Gay Black Federal Judge

Millions of Americans changed their racial or ethnic identity from one census to the next

Mixed American Life

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Americans of mixed race, American Indians, Pacific Islanders and Hispanics were among those most likely to check different boxes.

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Why An Indian “Miss America” Is Perfect For Today’s America

Photo courtesy of (Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images)

Photo courtesy of (Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images)


Nina Davuluri won the 2014 Miss America Competition. Some people are pissed.

Why? Because her family is from India, that’s why. People have flocked to Twitter to express their outrage. Hundreds of people tweeted comments ranging from calling her a terrorist to saying that a white contestant should have won instead because a white contestant is “more American.”

It seems to me that those who feel Nina Davuluri should not have won have an antiquated view of America. They think America is still a mostly white, Anglo-Saxon Protestant nation, or that it should be. But the America that’s in their heads is not the real America. The real America is made up of all kinds of people, including people like Nina.

If a white woman had won the pageant, that would have been fine, too. But the Miss America pageant, as silly as it is, still strives to represent the best of America. If only white women won, that would only be representing some of the best.

Nina represents today’s America, an America that finds strength in its diversity. Nina says she’s going on to medical school after the pageant and has started a national educational program that promotes diversity and knowledge of different cultures. It sounds like having her around will be a good thing. If the pageant denied her the title of Miss America because it didn’t see her as “American enough,” it would be catering to an antiquated view of an imaginary America that no longer exists, while missing out on an opportunity to have an educated, bright woman bring an interesting cultural background to the table.

We need more people like her in positions of power, people who will be more likely to speak for a multi-cultural populace. Whether she becomes a leader in society or not is hard to tell so soon, but the Miss America title gives women the chance to become leaders. And the leaders we need now are women like Nina, not more people like those already taking up space in Congress.

Conversation Between a Black Man & a White Man About Racial Profiling

This exchange took place on CNN between CNN anchor Don Lemon, who is black, and conservative commentator Ben Ferguson, who is white.

The Raw Story (online news) titled their article about the video, “CNN’s Don Lemon schools white conservative: ‘Your privilege does not allow you to see… certain circumstances in society.’

I applaud The Raw Story for posting this frank, and at times heated, exchange. This is an issue than many feel uncomfortable talking about, but it is absolutely worth talking about. I hope you watch it.