Izilwane Zasendle~

This Zulu phrase means wild animals. There are about 12,000 white, and 627 black rhinos in Kruger National Park. This one is looking at you for protection!
DSC07736 (3)
Leopards in Kruger are rare and rarely seen.
We were very lucky to see this one! The Kruger population is estimated at approximately 1000, although they are hard to count, because they are hard to find.
1,700 lions are thought to live in Kruger.
There are about 37,000 cape buffalo, and yes this one is sleeping. They do that a lot in water holes!
There are only around 300 nyala. This is a male and two females. Quite a sighting of beautiful, shy, creatures! (Late addition: My blogging friend Quiall, see comments, found a baby nyala’s legs in this photo that I didn’t see. Count the legs and you’ll find the baby!)
2000 warthogs,
5000 waterbuck,
over 127,000 impala,
and more than 8,000…

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Fracking Planned For New Mexico Historic Landmark

talus unit, chaco culture national historical park, new mexico - by Damon Taylor (flickr)

talus unit, chaco culture national historical park, new mexico – by Damon Taylor (flickr)


As my readers know, I’ve been adamant about ending fracking wherever it’s happening and preventing it from reaching new areas. So this recent news from CredoMobilize.com, an activist organization, sickens me:

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Celebrating Nature: Zhangjiajie National Forest Park

Can you believe this is a real place!?

It’s called Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, located in China. Its other-worldly features are actually made of thousands of quartz sandstone pillars, many of them thousands of feet high, that tower over intensely green mountain vegetation. The park is an official UNESCO recognized World Natural Heritage site and was the inspiration for some of the landscape in the movie Avatar. It is also a popular tourist destination. Click on the captions of the photos for more information.

Just another reason to love, and respect, nature.