Infinite Hope

Quotes- MLK 2

This goes out to everyone who is working for change, and those who have not given up in believing change can be done.


Everyone Must Help

Quotes- MLK

It’s a shame that this still needs to be said, that we still need to tell people we’re all in this together.

On Hatred & Intolerance


Hatred and intolerance can take many forms. Some are obvious- racism, sexism, homophobia. But there’s something else not often called hatred or intolerance, but that is just as destructive- a mean, callous disregard for the poor and the working class and their needs. I think about this as food stamps are being cut and unemployment benefits are allowed to expire.

I’d imagine that Dr. King felt any and every kind of hatred can paralyze, confuse, and darken a society as much as it can life overall. We’d do well to remember his words.

He’s no longer with us, but that shouldn’t stop us from continuing his work.