Key Bank Won’t Forgive Student Loan of Deceased Air Force Vet

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“Other major private student lenders and KeyBank competitors have implemented policies forgiving the student loan debt of dead beneficiaries- Wells Fargo, Sallie Mae, Discover, and Citi Financial among them. In addition, loans guaranteed by the federal government are automatically discharged on proof of death.”

Mother of student:

“Collection calls are the most callous kind of reminder that you’ve lost a loved one, and I got them every day.”

Visit to read more about this mother’s painful story and sign her petition to have Key Bank and American Education Services (AES) forgive her son’s loan. Banks are rich enough- it is disgusting that they aren’t willing to just leave this single mother and her family alone so that they might grieve in peace.


NY State Budget Leaves College Students Out

NY State Legislature- photo courtesy of

NY State Legislature- photo courtesy of


Article I wrote for a SUNY Purchase College newspaper.

In March, the 2013-14 NY State budget was passed by legislature in Albany. Of its many components, it increases the minimum wage to $9 an hour over three years and gives local businesses several tax breaks including one to encourage the hiring of recent veterans, according to CBS New York’s website. The full list of services and agencies granted continued or increased funding is long, but according to education reform activists there is a glaring omission — funds to improve conditions for students of state colleges and universities.

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