The Big Picture: Help Families Work with Robert Reich

Tanya’s comment: These are all really good ideas. In fact, it’s crazy that there aren’t already laws for these labor rights.

Sanders Fights the TPP

Worldwide Fast Food Worker’s Strike Today (May 15th)!

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On Thursday, May 15th, fast food workers and activists are rallying across the world in 150 cities and more than 30 countries to demand “$15 and a union!”

Stand in solidarity with low-wage workers and sign the petition. We’ll share your support at the fast food rally in NYC on Thursday!

Sign here! Thank you!


Economic Consequences of Fast Food Industry’s CEO-to-Worker Pay Disparity

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If you thought that the low wages fast food workers are paid only affect workers, this article and the accompanying study shows that the issue of fair wages is one we must all take notice of.

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