European Commission Takes Powerful Action On Illegal Wildlife Trade By Calling For A Moratoria On All Ivory Sales

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WCS applauds the Parliament’s wide-ranging wildlife crime resolution condemning illegal elephant killing and other illegal trafficking activities Resolution calls on E.U. Member States to introduce moratoria on all trade in ivory products until wild elephant populations are no longer threatened by illegal killing Brussels – 15 January, 2014 – The European Parliament took powerful action against illegal elephant killing through the passage of a groundbreaking resolution on wildlife trafficking that calls for moratoria on ivory trade and other measures against wildlife crime. The resolution expresses the Parliament’s view that wildlife trafficking is a serious economic, national security, and environmental threat. It calls for renewed action by the E.U. Member States to stop the crisis through restrictions on trade and trafficking of illegal wildlife goods. Among these measures is a call for the European Commission to establish an E.U. plan of action against the illegal wildlife trade and recommends enhanced measures…

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Google’s Been Putting Profit Before Ethics (petition)

Elephant tusks used to make ivory products -

Elephant tusks used to make ivory products –


Gator Woman, a blogger friend of mine, has blogged recently about Google’s deplorable practice of helping in the trafficking of illegal animal parts, including elephant tusk ivory. She found a petition asking for Google to stop this practice, but was unsure about the veracity of the petition’s claims. So she and I have done some research on it and have found that it is true. The following is some of the info we’ve found about Google.

According to The Guardian, a British newspaper that I greatly respect for publishing this story while American newspapers have not:

Google is helping to fuel a dramatic surge in ivory demand in Asia that is killing African elephants at record levels, a conservation group claimed on Tuesday.

The Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) said there are some 10,000 ads on Google Japan‘s shopping site that promote the sale of ivory.

About 80% of the ads are for “hanko,” small wooden stamps widely used in Japan to affix signature seals to official documents. The rest are carvings and other small objects.

What’s worse is that The Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) has sent Google a letter asking that they stop promoting the sale of illegal animal parts such as ivory, but Google has not responded. The funny thing is that Google’s own policy states that it is against the practice, yet it still does it. Google says:

Google doesn’t allow the promotion of elephant ivory. Google doesn’t allow the promotion of whale products including bones, meat or oil. These restrictions are the same on Google’s wholly owned Japanese site.

The EIA says that Google has failed to enforce its own rules and has not responded at all to the EIA’s letter.

So what is a consumer of Google products such as Google Chrome internet browser, Google internet apps, and the Google search engine to do? Boycott!!! Stop using Google and start using alternative products. I have stopped using all three and now use Internet Explorer and Bing, which work just as well.

Google has also been caught red-handed delving into the personal info of their Gmail users and sharing that info with companies, thereby helping those companies tailor their ads to individuals based on what each individual searches for, buys and emails.

The only way that Google will cease these business practices is for consumers to stop using their products. The big dogs at Google may not care much for people’s right to privacy, the right to not be preyed upon by corporations, or the rights of endangered animals being killed for their parts by poachers, but any big corporation will always care about their profits. Only slumping sales will get them to pay attention and hopefully stop what they are doing.

It’s up to us to act and to force change. It won’t happen any other way.

To sign the petition against Google, go to Thanks.