Some Good News

Hey all! I’ve been away for a while, as I’ve been busy finishing my last semester of college. Now I’m finally done!!! I’ve graduated! The ceremony is in May! Sigh of relief!!!

So today, being that I’m excited about completing school, and the holidays, I’m going to share some good news I received from newsletters of various non-profits.



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The Trans-Pacific Partnership is like NAFTA on steroids!

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

“The TPP was written in secret by industry insiders who care more about corporate profits than working Americans! Fast tracking the TPP would railroad this bad bill through Congress, with limited debate, before Congress can even read the fine print.”


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To U.S. Congress: End Government Spying Now!

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

“For the first time, a majority of Senators took a stand against simply rubber-stamping provisions of the Patriot Act. The Senate will be back for a special Sunday session on May 31 just hours before the June 1 sunset. It’s more urgent than ever that we call on Congress to let Section 215 die!”

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Know Where Politicians Stand on the Issues (inc. Candidates)

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Photo courtesy of


At, you can find out where every U.S. representative and senator stands on every issue, including their voting records (how they have voted on legislation). As voters, it’s incredibly important that we keep an eye on what our politicians are doing and make informed decisions about who to support.

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The American Welfare Myth: Who Gets It and Why (You’ll Be Surprised)


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See video here

Here is a short documentary made by a professor at the University of California-Berkley about welfare and poverty. The idea for it came after the professor heard her students discussing welfare and government’s role in society. She was shocked to learn that these college-educated students, some of whom were on welfare themselves, harbored deep-seated, negative stereotypical attitudes and beliefs about welfare recipients. It was then that she realized that today’s young people have inherited the harsh Reagan-era ideology of how society should deal with the poor- mainly that welfare programs, like food stamps (now called SNAP), actually reinforce poverty by creating dependence on government assistance. After all, these programs are supposed to be temporary aid, so why should the poor get to live off them, right? Why can’t they just get up and work, right?

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TWA Flight 800: Documentary Says Government Covered Up Cause of Crash

TWA Flight 800- courtesy of

TWA Flight 800 – courtesy of

I found out about this movie from another blogger, Leisure Guy.

Before viewing the documentary, I truly felt that it was unlikely that the government would not only have the engineering/mechanical capability to fake the cause of the massive plane crash in 1996 in which over 200 people perished, but that it would have the nerve to do so. Wouldn’t it be cruel to lie to the families and friends of the victims? Wouldn’t it be illegal and immoral to lie to the American people and to the world?

After viewing the video, I now feel that it is extremely likely that the U.S. government, by way of the FBI and CIA, did cover up the true cause of the crash. The documentary was put together by physicist Dr Tom Stalcup who, after hearing the news reports of the crash, felt that something was sickeningly fishy about the media reports of the crash. Through his personal, independent research, he found that not 10 or 15, but up to 700 witnesses saw essentially the same thing that night while looking up at the sky in the moments before, during and after the crash. That the witnesses’s stories are consistent with each other, and that government agencies involved in the investigation of the crash came up with an altogether different conclusion is baffling. It leads one to wonder why. What is the government trying to hide?

The crash of TWA Flight 800 happened in 1996, but the documentary was made in 2013 (or 2012) after Dr. Stalcup completed his independent investigation. That, and the fact that we are currently going through our own little cover up in the form of the NSA spying story, makes this film all the more relevant today.

Here’s the official description of the documentary:

It’s been called the biggest accident investigation in aviation history… more than a decade and a half later, the crash of TWA Flight 800 is still shrouded in controversy.

What caused the plane to explode 12 minutes after takeoff? Why haven’t the 230 victims’ death certificates been finalized, after all these years? In this shocking documentary, insiders from the original investigation join forces to put together the missing pieces of the puzzle – and blow the lid off an alleged multi-agency cover-up of what really happened.

You may encounter some difficulty in watching the film if you don’t have access to either the EPIX Channel or Go to and find out what the process is if you know you currently don’t have the channel on your TV. I watched on the internet by way of a free 14-Day trial.

There is also a petition on for a reconsideration of the government’s conclusion about the cause of the crash. It may hopefully allow for evidence found by Dr. Stalcup to enter into the official investigation. Hopefully.

Our Suffering Soldiers

Homeless veteran - courtesy of

Homeless veteran – courtesy of


A very depressing statistic:

Chance that a death among U.S. service members is a suicide: 1 in 5

And this, from

Through April, the U.S. military has recorded 161 potential suicides in 2013 among active-duty troops, reservists and National Guard members — a pace of one suicide about every 18 hours. The Army, the largest contingent of the armed forces, sustained 109 reported suicides during the first four months, according its latest report.

Soldiers fight for our government from thousands of miles away, yet when they come home, the government does little for them. They can’t even get healthcare for war injuries without waiting years. They can’t find jobs. Many are homeless. They don’t get proper mental health care. When they suffer from suicidal thoughts, there isn’t adequate help for them. They don’t get much of anything.

These are our brothers and sisters. So why is our government doing this to them?