Fox News Dismisses National Climate Assessment As “Untrue, Unrelenting Doom & Gloom”

A NASA picture of large wildfires burning across sections of northern Baja and southern California. PHOTO BY NASA VIA ASSOCIATED PRESS

A NASA picture of large wildfires burning across sections of northern Baja and southern California.


“What’s Behind Early Season Winds Fueling Southern California Wildfires?” is the title of a news article on about the forest fires currently raging through the state. Though the precise cause is as yet unclear, what is clear is that the weather system which brings strong winds that intensify forest fires in Southern California, called the Santa Ana winds, usually doesn’t occur until between September or October.

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Australian Broadcasting: How Global Warming Causes Extremes

Climate Denial Crock of the Week

Very good explanation of weather extremes worldwide under climate change.

Heads up on this came from Jennifer Francis.

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More About Latest Heat Wave in Southwestern US

record heat tuesday

Weather system image

Robertscribbler has just written an informative blog post about the current heat wave and resulting forest fires. In it, he further describes the weather systems involved (with maps) and talks about the link between forest fires and global warming.

To read the post, visit his blog here. 

Heat Wave Breaks Records Across West- Another Effect of Global Warming

Map courtesy of

Map courtesy of

According to the Washington Post, June 1st:

“Triple-digit heat struck again elsewhere in Southern California, while metropolitan Phoenix saw just a slight drop in temperatures after experiencing record-breaking heat Saturday. The 119-degree high in Phoenix on Saturday marked the fourth-hottest day in metro Phoenix since authorities started keeping temperature records more than 110 years ago. The high temperature for the metro area hit 115 on Sunday.

Las Vegas temperatures have been at 115 and above in recent days — including a record-tying 117 on Sunday — helping make June the hottest ever in Sin City.

June was the third-hottest in Salt Lake City history, highlighted by the record high for the month of 105, set on Friday and Saturday.

High-temperature records were shattered across the region over the weekend. The high of 115 at Lancaster’s Fox Field on Sunday represented not just a record for a June 30 but an all-time high — surpassing the 114 degrees recorded 53 years ago.

In San Diego County, Campo set a record with a 107-degree mark.

Tragedy struck north of Phoenix as hot gusty winds fueled an out of control wildfire that overtook and killed 19 firefighters near the town of Yarnell. Forestry spokesman Art Morrison said the firefighters were forced to deploy their fire shelters, tent-like structures meant to shield firefighters from flames and heat.”

The important thing to remember here is that record heat is one of many indicators of a larger problem- abnormal weather is quickly becoming the norm. The governor of NY is convinced of this and is currently seeking ways to update NYC’s infrastructure, including possibly rebuilding or modifying coastline buildings and homes, after the disastrous effect Superstorm Sandy had on the city and state. His goal is to prepare the state for future large storms.

Photo courtesy of  Valley_Guy at Flickr

Photo courtesy of Valley_Guy at Flickr

The federal government has also finally become convinced and has expressed this in its official reports of the increase in recent years of forest fires. Millions of dollars are spent on fighting these blazes, and many lives are lost, including those of fire fighters.The prediction is that the rate, and intensity, of forest fires will only increase over time because hotter and drier than normal air means worse fires. Even home insurance companies are planing ahead for increased natural disasters like hurricanes by modifying current rates for natural disaster insurance coverage.

The reality is that regardless of whether or not we want to believe that we are in the midst of global warming/climate change, we will continue to suffer it’s consequences.

Global Warming Will Increase Wildfires

Photo courtesy of CAL FIRE San Diego County Fire Authority Blog

Photo courtesy of CAL FIRE San Diego County Fire Authority Blog

Wildfire Increase is Subject of US Report – And the Dark Snow Project, April 8, 2013

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