Lupita Nyong’o Wins Oscar For Role in “12 Years a Slave”

Lupita Nyongo’s image was recently altered in Vanity Fair magazine to lighten her skin tone. But as you can see in these photos, she’s absolutely beautiful just as she is. And she won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress! For a black woman to win this award, and receive glowing reviews for her dress, says that Hollywood is inching closer to acceptance of black women as just as beautiful and talented as their white counterparts. The fact that “12 Years a Slave,” a film about slavery, won for Best Picture says a great deal, as well.


Women’s Magazines Are REALLY Trying to Help You (?)

Kerry Washington on Elle Magazine cover

Kerry Washington on Elle Magazine cover

Here is a sampling of recent women’s magazine articles (print and online):


(Diet Tips) Six Ways To Make Your Bikini Your Bitch

(Sex Tips) Leg Sex: It’s a Thing

(Beauty Tips) Are You Applying Your Skincare All Wrong?

(Celebrity-Inspired Tips) Nicole vs Anne in The Battle of Bleached Hair- Who Wore It Best?

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Celebrity Images Photoshopped

So you’re not perfect? Neither is anyone else!
Ladies, stop comparing yourselves to the women on the cover of magazines. No one looks that perfect!


Celebrities Before and After Photoshop

Notice how most of the “improvements” made to the celeb’s bodies are done to get rid of wrinkles, as well as to make them appear thinner. Also notice that ALL the photos are of women. Hmmm… What is Hollywood trying to tell us?

Sustainable Fashion

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Sure, we all know to look for fair trade when shopping but sooner or later there comes a point when it loses its personal touch. When Raven + Lily asked me to style one my favorite jewelry pieces for their Fair Trade Holiday Shopping Guide, I took the opportunity to find out more about the artisans behind the fair trade accessories. I was happy to find that their sustainable and affordable–keep reading for a special 25% off code–jewelry has a story behind it, from the handmade beads made with artillery shells from former war conflicts to the people whose lives have improved as a result of working with the fair trade brand.

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