Pres. Obama Takes Big Step To Tackle Global Warming

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Monsanto’s “Roundup” Herbicide is Destroying Our Bodies



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EPA May Approve Use of More Bee-toxic Pesticides


Just received this in an email from the Center for Food Safety:

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Tell the U.S. EPA to Keep Our Water Clean (petition)

Acidic lake waste water - courtesy of

Acidic lake waste water – courtesy of Black Tusk at Wikimedia Commons

From the Sierra Club:

“Coal-fired power plants produce more toxic waste than any other industry in the United States, including the chemical, plastic, and paint manufacturing industries. They spew millions of pounds of pollutants into our waters every year — and they’ll keep at it as long as Reagan-era EPA rules go unchanged.

The Environmental Protection Agency’s strongest proposed approach is sensible, affordable, and already being used by some coal plants. Limiting the amount of pollution in our water will save lives, prevent children from getting sick, and ensure our water is safe to drink and our fish safe to eat. It should be finalized and put into force as soon as possible.

Tell the EPA that we need the strongest possible safeguards against toxic wastewater. We can’t wait another 30 years to get this right!”

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