Purchase College Alumni Discuss Current Job Market

Article I wrote for a SUNY Purchase College newspaper.

Photo courtesy of www.iebusinessnews.com

Photo courtesy of IEBusinessnews.com

Parties and dinners, business and social events, endless networking opportunities. That’s what Audrey Cozzarin, Class of ’79 of SUNY Purchase, remembers about the 1980’s after graduation. “I made so much money I didn’t know what to do with it all,” she said. Although that wasn’t everyone’s experience, many in the field of visual arts were enjoying the generous amount of work available at that time.

In those days, Cozzarin had found a full-time position running a graphics department, as well as doing side projects for clients like NYNEX (the phone company), IBM, PepsiCo, and other elite companies. “I was buying beautiful clothes, a car, traveling, and going into the city for the ballet,” she said. She even opened up IRA accounts for retirement- all this while still in her 20’s.

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