Women on Twitter Start a National Conversation About Misogyny


It’s too bad that it has taken tragedy after tragedy for America to start acknowledging and talking as a nation about the consequences of rampant and overlooked misogyny. Just because American women aren’t forced to  cover themselves from head to toe in public doesn’t mean that there is no sexism in this country.

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Your Personal Information Is No Longer Yours

I found this video on the blog, thisgotmyattention, who reblogged it from renardmoreau.

We all know that Facebook collects mounds of data on its users. The more you post, the more info they get from you. But just how much they get is staggering. The video reveals to unfortunate Facebook users that not only are their posts and pictures stored in some giant virtual vault, but that even deleted posts are kept in that giant virtual vault. Nothing you erase can really be erased, and if someone wants to get to it and use it, they can. Facebook also stores information from your Facebook friends, too, including their locations as they send you messages!

So what does Facebook do with all that info? They won’t tell.

And what about Google? A few weeks ago I wrote a post about how Google can not only find your blog through searches (which isn’t bad), but finds all the comments you post on other people’s blogs as well (which is terrible). What’s worse, Google has linked itself with tons of other social networking sites, as well as many other websites in which you have to enter a password to access. Have you noticed that to get into certain sites, you can just enter your Google password? That’s an example. It’s dizzying to think how much information Google can amass through not only its own records on us, but through the records kept by all the sites it’s linked to.

Complicating matters even more is what the federal government is doing with our information through it’s spy programs that mercilessly mine through our internet data.

So what do we do? Should we just stop using the internet? Some have already come to this conclusion. But should we have to? Or do we have a right to use the Web without looking over our shoulders?

Determined Spirits


I love this quote because it’s exactly why I’m involved in activism and its exactly why I blog (as corny as that sounds)! I posted this quote from Gandhi because I want to remind other bloggers who have the same goal that we can create change, though the change may seem small at first. We just have to keep pushing, and trying, and blogging!

May this be an inspiration!

(Thanks to EMILY LOUISE BIEHL, who’s blog I found this quote on.)