A New Kind of Company: B Corporations

Peeled Snacks is a B Company- photo courtesy of emily-malloy.com

Peeled Snacks is a B Corporation- photo courtesy of emily-malloy.com

From Inc.com: 

The B Corporation- (The B stands for “beneficial.”) To become a certified B Corporation, a company must consider the interests of employees, the community, and the environment instead of worrying solely about shareholders. Those amendments, according to B Lab, will let entrepreneurs like Hannigan take on outside investors without worrying that their values will be compromised. “For us, this is a huge step forward,” says Hannigan, whose company recently became one of about two dozen certified B Corporations.

For more, go to Inc.com, then come back and tell me what you think! Do you think this is just a temporary trend, or will it last? Will it catch on, or is American society too obsessed with profit to take it seriously?