Bloggers For Societal Change: Group Proposal

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After reading a post from the blog Deconstructing Myths, as well as a post by Oneness Of Humanity, I’ve come up with an idea to create an online group/league of bloggers who write about societal issues, be it racism, injustice, global warming, animal rights, and the like, and are interested in progress to create a better world.

I was also inspired by this Gandhi quote I posted a little while ago that I found on  EMILY LOUISE BIEHL‘s blog:


It made me think of what I, and many other bloggers, see as the purpose of our blogs. But since we are currently not organized or connected in a formal way, it feels as if each blogger is on his or her own. I think that if we formed some kind of group, we may feel more united in our efforts, and can therefore be more effective in creating the change we want to see happen.

So here are my ideas:

1) There are many bloggers who already write about societal issues, so there will be no particular requirements. Each blogger will just keep doing what they already do.

2) The thing that would connect us would be a logo with the title of our group (I’m thinking something like “The Determined Spirits Blog Group”). You can also give any suggestions you have for a title. The logo will link to a page that provides a list of all the bloggers in our group, so that visitors can look at our blogs and see what we’re about. and hopefully be inspired in the process.

3) There won’t be a formal application process for entering into this group- anyone can join.

4) The only blogs that wouldn’t be appropriate for this group would be those that are primarily about the blogger’s own personal life, such as your shopping habits, who you hang out with, your significant other, dating, pictures just of yourself, etc.  Blogs such as those would seem out of place, since the focus is not on society, the environment, etc.

5) Blogs in which the primary goal is to sell a product are not appropriate, either. No marketing allowed! If you are someone who writes about a variety of things and has just a picture of your product or only refer to it occasionally, that’s fine. If you’ve written a book and the cover of it is on your site, that’s no big deal.

6) If you are an artist who’s art is dedicated to the kinds of things we’re writing about, you are welcome to the group, as well.

7) If you blog about things meant to improve people’s lives, such as physical or mental health, or any kind of inspirational stuff that improves or enlightens people, you are also welcome. 

I think the best way to get this started is for people to either comment on this post or write me a message on my About page. If you want to join the group and/or have some more ideas and suggestions for the group, include that in your comments.

Thanks and take care 🙂