The Republican Vision for America

11846702_10155820765035648_6316713843110305145_nAmid a lot of incoherent banter, Republican candidates expressed their views in an August 6th televised debate. Of all the issues discussed, a notable non-mention was climate change.

Many viewers of the debate felt that it ended up being more of a showcase for Donald Trump’s ego than a discussion of real policy.

It’s important for people to know the stance each candidate has taken on the issues, especially since it may not have been clear from Thursday night’s spectacle. So I’ve posted this chart that spells it out pretty well. The topics (see left) are a bit hard to make out, so I’ve re-written them below:

  1. Opposes policies that protect familes fom deportation
  2. Opposes marriage equality (TOO LATE!)
  3. Ignores climate science
  4. Courts the Koch Brothers
  5. Opposed minimum wage increases
  6. Opposes women’s right to choose
  7. Supports cuts to Social Security and/or Medicare
  8. Supports defunding Planned Parenthood
  9. Supports anti-public education voucher schemes
  10. Supports tax plans that benefit the wealthy
  11. Would appoint conservative justices like Scalia and Thomas

Note that the views held are nearly unanimous among the candidates. So as the chart asks, what’s to debate?  This is the kind of America you’re asking for if you vote Republican.

More info on these issues can be found at: – “Republican debate: Trump was garbled, incoherent – but dominant” – “The Personhood Movement: Where It Comes From and What It Means For the Future of Choice” – “Right Sees 2016 as Chance to Take Over Supreme Court, Reverse Marriage Equality”


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