Hillary Clinton Predictably Uses 4th of July to Defend Her “Progressive” Record

“As 2016 presidential candidates flocked to spend Independence Day in early voting states such as Iowa and New Hampshire, Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton found herself defending her record on policy and the size of crowds at her events.”

“On Independence Day (Saturday), she spoke extensively about subjects including last week’s historic supreme court ruling on same-sex marriage…”

– TheGuardian.com

If you’re at all aware of Clinton’s record, you’re no doubt rolling your eyes right now. Last week, I wrote a post about her claims on being a progressive and how her record actually proves the exact opposite. These are quotes from a BillMoyers.com article that I featured in that post:

“Between 2009 and 2014, Clinton’s list of top 20 donors starts out with Citigroup and includes JPMorgan Chase, Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs, whose chief Lloyd Blankfein has invested in Clinton’s son-in-law’s boutique hedge fund. They’re also among the deep-pocket outfits that paid for speeches and appearances by Hillary or Bill Clinton to the tune of more than $125 million since they left the White House in 2001.”

“Consider the two Canadian banks with financial ties to the Keystone XL pipeline that fully or partially paid for eight speeches by Hillary Clinton. Or her $3.2 million in lecture fees from the tech sector. Or the more than $2.5 million in paid speeches for companies and groups lobbying for fast-track trade.”

“…while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State, her department approved $165 billion worth of commercial arms sales to 20 nations whose governments have given money to the Clinton Foundation, according to an IBTimes analysis of State Department and foundation data…”

The good news is that Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders, an ACTUAL PROGRESSIVE who gives a damn about the average American, is gaining on Clinton. From TheGuardian.com:

“Clinton has come under greater-than-expected pressure from the independent Vermont senator Bernie Sanders, a self-described democratic socialist running a determinedly grassroots-focused campaign who nonetheless attracted nearly 10,000 people to a rally in Wisconsin on Wednesday. On Friday night, a Sanders event in Council Buffs, Iowa, was standing-room only.”

Can he actually beat her in the primaries? If you asked me that even a week ago, I would have said “Probably not.” But the rapid and steady rise in Sanders’ popularity has pleasantly surprised me. Maybe he does have a shot?


7 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton Predictably Uses 4th of July to Defend Her “Progressive” Record

  1. This week, Hillary also said something about no one being as liberal or progressive as she is. I laughed. It was an obvious reference to Bernie Sanders as well as a sure sign that the Left’s criticism is getting to her.

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