Fox News Says We Have TOO MUCH Regulation on Businesses

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“The Obama administration pushed through $181.5 billion in regulations last year, according to a new report from a conservative think tank that claimed the rules will lead to higher energy bills, more expensive consumer goods and fewer jobs.

The new rules mostly focus on clean energy and vehicle regulations, said the American Action Forum, which issued the report Monday. The state that was hit the hardest by new regulations was California, which was slapped with $7.9 billion in new rules, followed by Texas ($6.5 billion) and Ohio ($3.4 billion).

“‘What do these huge sums mean for individuals? Higher energy prices, pricier household goods, a more expensive mortgage, and the promise of yet another year of unrelenting regulatory growth,'” concludes the report, which was authored by Sam Batkins, the group’s director of regulatory policy. ‘No one can accuse the president of abandoning his promises on regulation in 2014.'”

Putting regulations on business is awful, isn’t it? Sure sounds that way. But wait, let’s take a closer look at this news report.

It says that Pres. Obama has apparently increased the amount of regulations on businesses. What kind of regulations? The report says the new rules “mostly focus on clean energy and vehicle regulations.” And why is that bad, exactly? “The rules will lead to higher energy bills, more expensive consumer goods and fewer jobs,” as well as, “a more expensive mortgage.”

It’s clear to me that this country doesn’t have enough regulations on business, hence the Wall Street-driven recession that we’re still in. And if you truly believe that we have too many clean energy and vehicle regulations, than you haven’t been paying attention. Either that, or you’re a mega-wealthy business person who cares only of profit by any means necessary, including hurting your fellow man and the planet.

What’s particularly disturbing is that this is a “news” report. The blatantly obvious right-wing conservative spin is unmistakable. It even admits that the source of the information is from a conservative think tank!! Even more disturbing is that reports like this serve to reinforce a myth conservatives are pushing on Americans- regulation is bad and an unrestrained Wall Street is ideal.

Well, we’re done falling for it!


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