How Some Conservatives Are Reacting to Michelle Obama’s “Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act”

A few days ago, I came across an article called, “Students in Full-Scale Revolt Against Michelle Obama.” Naturally, I was intrigued, and clicked on the link.

Upon arriving at the site, I quickly realized from its title, “” with the curious sub-heading, “In Defense of Western Civilization,” that anything written in this article would probably be heavily biased against Michelle Obama. And it was.

As you’ve probably read, Michelle Obama’s Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act started in 2010 and has slowly been implemented in local public school systems across the country. As the name implies, the act is legislation that focuses on providing all school children, especially those from low-income families, with enough food to eat during the day, including in the summer. The food provided is also required to be healthy. says:

The legislation authorizes funding and sets policy for USDA’s core child nutrition programs: the National School Lunch Program, the School Breakfast Program, the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children (WIC), the Summer Food Service Program, and the Child and Adult Care Food Program. The Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act allows USDA, for the first time in over 30 years, opportunity to make real reforms to the school lunch and breakfast programs by improving the critical nutrition and hunger safety net for millions of children.

Each of the programs listed above have links on where people can read more about them. One of the programs, the School Breakfast Program, is described by the website:

The School Breakfast Program provides cash assistance to states to operate nonprofit breakfast programs in schools and residential childcare institutions. The Food and Nutrition service administers the SBP at the Federal level. State education agencies administer the SBP at the state level, and local school food authorities operate the Program in schools.

Sounds good, right? WRONG, says Here’s how they characterize the program:

According to one report, the new rules impact not only school breakfasts and lunches, but also vending machine offerings on school property.

The report describes the new vending selections as “a wholesale change” from previous years. Students–and teachers–looking for a chocolate bar or a bag of chips will instead have the option to purchase fruit or salad, as the pictures below indicate.

As some point, the massive government overreach that has only grown under this administration must end. The Founders never imagined anyone in Washington D.C. deciding what a student in Pennsylvania could or could not have for lunch.

So what of the “full-scale revolt?” The revolt the article speaks of was actually a bunch of kids on Twitter complaining that they don’t want to eat healthy food. Don’t all kids complain about that!? It was no revolt- all the kids did was Tweet pictures of the new machines, along with snarky comments like, “Why does my vending machine at school look like Whole Foods.” Another kid took a selfie in which he is frowning, apparently to send a message to the First Lady about his reaction to the healthier options, along with the caption, “When Michelle Obama changed the snacks in the vending machines to health snacks.”

Now, granted there has been some debate about whether the new nutrition programs are economically feasible, according to, with some schools claiming that kids are throwing out their healthier lunches, and others claiming that the new guidelines force schools to spend money on pricier food. But even if cost is a problem, there are surely ways to meet the guidelines through better budgeting. What would not be a good idea is to scrap the whole thing. The program and its objectives are good ones. If details need to be worked out, work them out.

Feeding hungry children and making sure that childhood obesity and diabetes, as well as other preventable health problems, don’t decrease the quality of kids’ lives is the most important thing. Is it government overreach? Not when the lives of children are at stake.




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