Organic Is Pricier, But Better

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MSN has a video up about the debate over whether organic produce is healthier than conventional produce. The video cites studies done that compared the two and found that organic fruits and veggies have up to 70% more antioxidants than conventionally grown food. The studies also confirm that organic food doesn’t contain chemicals that conventional food is doused with, namely pesticides and cadmium, thus making organic healthier.

The fact remains, however, that those who are on a tight budget often find organic food out of their price range and don’t buy it. My personal strategy is to buy mostly conventional produce, and buy organic items once in a while. Once in a while is better than never, and I place high value on my health. So spending a bit extra on occasion is worth it. I also shop at Trader Joe’s, which sells healthy food (very few chemicals, preservatives, pesticides, etc.) at low prices.

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