Bill Maher Announces “Flip a District” Campaign

Tanya’s Comment: I think this is a great idea! Bill Maher is a well-known TV personality who has strong political views and a very “in your face” presence, so any political candidate he targets on his show will be under a very harsh spotlight. It will be interesting to see what impact this makes on the coming elections. If it does make an impact, hopefully Bill Maher, as well as others in the media, will continue to do this.

Real Time With Bill Maher: Bill Maher Announces “Flip a District” Campaign (HBO)

Real Time

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3 thoughts on “Bill Maher Announces “Flip a District” Campaign

    • I agree. Money, and a lot of public support for our cause. Plus media, in the case of Bill Maher. He has the resources to do this, so he doesn’t need anyone’s money. You know who else has mega resources- Jay Z and Beyonce. As a married couple, they probably have almost a bilion dollars, plus a huge following of fans. Yet they are mostly silent on social issues. More people like Bill Maher need to step up. The average liberal lefty isn’t rich.

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