The Conservative War on Women Ramps Up, Women Lose More Rights

From an email from CredoAction:

In a shocking defeat on Monday, the Supreme Court gave companies permission to discriminate against female employees and block their access to birth control.

This will only embolden Tea Party Republicans in Congress.

Already, Mitch McConnell is planning the next extreme attack; pledging to push a 20-week abortion ban if Republicans succeed in gaining control of the Senate in November.

With the Burwell v. Hobby Lobby ruling, the right-wing majority on the court ruled that companies could block female employees from accessing free birth control via their insurance plans as mandated by health care reform. All the company has to do is claim religious reasons for its discrimination. This comes less than a week after the court ruled unconstitutional a buffer zone to protect doctors and patients under attack at women’s health clinics in Massachusetts.

Congressional Republicans combined with a right-wing majority on the Supreme Court are a killer one-two punch when it comes to the War on Women.

As bad as this is, it could get much worse. Republicans are dangerously close to seizing control of the Senate in 2014. This means Republicans can send crazy anti-woman legislation from the House directly to the president’s desk. And they can block any of the president’s judicial nominations, including to the Supreme Court, should there be a vacancy.

With the Supreme Court and the Republican party clearly aligned on an anti-woman agenda, it’s never been more important to stop a Republican takeover of the Senate. Tea Party Republicans only need to gain six seats to take control– but they are threatening in as many as a dozen states. The Washington Post recently put the chance of Republicans seizing control of the Senate at a scary 77%.

Very scary news. How have we allowed the rights of American women to go backwards? Since when should a nation be proud to undo progress? If you care deeply about women’s rights, then whether you trust Democrats more than Republicans is beside the point- the record shows that Conservatives, especially the Tea Party, are the much worse choice. They are hell bent on dismantling the hard-won rights of women, and they are now aided by the Supreme Court, whose members have broken their oaths to remain non-partisan.

If we don’t act fast, things will only get worse. Act in whatever way you can- vote, sign petitions, write to congressmen/congresswomen, talk to your friends, etc. is also a wonderful resource. And please don’t use distrust for government as an excuse to do nothing- when you do nothing, you are playing right into the hands of those who want to keep you powerless!

For more info on these issues:

Mitch McConnell Will Push For 20-Week Abortion Ban If GOP Gains Senate Control,” Huffington Post, 6/30/14

Republicans have a 77% chance of taking the Senate,” Washington Post, 5/16/14


2 thoughts on “The Conservative War on Women Ramps Up, Women Lose More Rights

  1. A distressing turn of events. Furthermore, this SCOTUS ruling opens up a gigantic can-of-worms by undermining the Separation of Church and State. Now, corporations will be emboldened to challenge federal laws that they don’t like on the grounds of “religious freedom.” Not good.

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