74 School Shootings Since Sandy Hook

Photo courtesy of Mass.gov

Photo courtesy of Mass.gov


Everytown.org reports that since the December 2012 massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, where 20 children and six adults were shot to death, there have been at least 74 school shootings in America.

Here are a few of those incidents (Please note: CNN.com counts these cases as similar to Sandy Hook, so I added them here to provide readers with detailed accounts of school shootings that have not been widely reported on. But for the best coverage on the subject, go to Everytown.org):

January 10, 2013 — Taft Union High School in Taft, California: A 16-year-old student opened fire in class. He was targeting two classmates who he felt had bullied him, law enforcement said. One student was injured. The shooter was placed into custody after a teacher and campus supervisor persuaded the student to put down his firearm.

April 12, 2013 — New River Community College in Christianburg, Virginia: An 18-year-old student drove to the school’s campus inside a mall and began shooting at 1:55 p.m. on a Friday, police said. He wounded two women.

October 21, 2013 — Sparks Middle School in Sparks, Nevada: A 12-year-old opened fire with a handgun he took from his parents, police say. Jose Reyes injured two students and killed Mike Landsberry, a teacher and Afghanistan war veteran, authorities said. Reyes killed himself.

This is absolute chaos. In America, we pride ourselves on being a politically stable nation without the kind of armed civil strife that takes place in war-torn nations. But what would you call this?  We may not be fighting a civil war, but our children are in fear for their lives at school.

“Stable” and “safe” are no longer words to be used for this country. We can cross them off the list of what makes us proud to be Americans. I love this country, but I’m not proud of who we are right now.


6 thoughts on “74 School Shootings Since Sandy Hook

  1. There were actually 74 school shootings since Sandy Hook. From: http://thinkprogress.org/justice/2014/06/12/3448604/how-cnn-slashed-the-number-of-school-shootings-from-74-to-15/

    “CNN’s coverage does not mention it, but its change of heart followed a series of criticisms from right-wing commentators and outlets. Those 74 school shootings amounted to almost one shooting per week over the past year and a half, a rate that left some gun activists concerned about gun regulations. As Media Matters tells it, the criticism started with tweets from Charles C. Johnson, a self-described journalist who called several of the shootings listed as “fake,” including one in which an honors student shot himself in front of his class. A number of conservative outlets including NewsBusters, Hot Air, and Gun Rights Radio piled on, purporting to “expose” the “lie.” In the Independent Journal Review, Kyle Becker calls the school shootings phenomenon an exaggerated problem, suggesting that we should all buy bullet-proof blankets to deal with it.”

    • If you look at my post with the gun control petition (the one previous to this), that post says 74, also. I was wondering why the CNN report had a lower number. CNN explained that the 15 mentioned in its article are shootings most similar to Sandy Hook, and that the others were attacks made for other reasons (drug deals, etc.) I’ll read the Think Progress article. I’ll probably have to edit this post. Thanks for the info.

  2. Very sad. Is there any reason this is happening so frequently? Is it availability of guns? It’s hard to understand.

    • It’s actually a quite complex problem and I don’t know if there’s one specific answer. There are many theories that I’ve read about. TheSecularJurist blogger has written about a few theories in one of his recent blog posts, and I added my own theories in my comment on his post. I have a book on theories of why the U.S.’s crime rate is one of the highest in the world. I’m going to write a blog post about the book.

      These shootings really have to stop.

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