Women on Twitter Start a National Conversation About Misogyny


It’s too bad that it has taken tragedy after tragedy for America to start acknowledging and talking as a nation about the consequences of rampant and overlooked misogyny. Just because American women aren’t forced to  cover themselves from head to toe in public doesn’t mean that there is no sexism in this country.

Tons of respect to the women speaking out on Twitter. Let’s do it here on WordPress, too! Be part of the movement!

From WashingtoonPost.com:

Yes, all women have been harassed. Yes, all women have been judged by our looks, not our merit. Yes, all women have been around men who have discounted, denied and demeaned us.

Rodger vowed to slaughter the magazine-beautiful blondes who didn’t want to have sex with him. He posted rants in online forums where — surprise, surprise — that kind of misogynistic bile was unremarkable and other men ratified his hatred.

Women heard Elliot Rodger. And they began flooding Twitter by the hundreds of thousands with their responses, using the hashtag #YesAllWomen.

“I’ve spent 19 yrs teaching my daughter how not to be raped,” one mother tweeted. “How long have you spent teaching your son not to rape? #YesAllWomen”

“Because I wasn’t ‘asking for it’ when he hit me,” another tweeted, “and I shouldn’t have to defend myself a decade later. #YesAllWomen

I don’t use Twitter, but I’d like to contribute to this important movement and national conversation. Here’s a personal experience of my own: As a college student, I feel increasingly unsafe at school, even before this recent shooting, and worry about being raped on campus. Last semester, I had to take a night class and felt terrified every night after class that something would happen to me. I shouldn’t have to be afraid of walking through my own campus, but I do.




5 thoughts on “Women on Twitter Start a National Conversation About Misogyny

  1. This is so sad that I’m at a loss for words. I can only hope that someday, somehow, we humans can put our hate and violence behind us and start raising our children in a healthy environment and with a realistic understanding of life.

  2. That’s really sad. I think we need to deconstruct a culture which believes violence towards women is okay. I remember reading an article by BAST, who work against sexual trauma, taking the myths around rape and women’s empowerment, and turning them around. Eg, if you believe you will rape a woman, walk in a group so that you will have people to keep you safe from this instinct. If you believe you are a threat to a woman, blow a whistle in the street to alert others. It really looked taking responsibility off women to prevent rape. It’s a sad, sad situation.

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