Republicans & The Koch Bros. Eyeing U.S. Senate


The recent Senate primary victory in North Carolina went to Republican Speaker of the State House Thom Tillis. Here’s why this is terrible (from People for the American Way [PFAW]):

Tillis wants to take away people’s health care, and as Speaker, he helped lead the right-wing North Carolina government’s attack on voting rights, public education and working families. Naturally, Tillis is far to the right on issues like women’s reproductive freedom and equality — he said last month that his “proudest moment” was when he received the endorsement of an anti-choice group, and in 2012, he helped lead the fight to ban marriage equality in his state. And, of course, he’s a climate change denier.

But the Koch brothers continue to spend tens of millions of dollars in North Carolina and other states to buy the US Senate for Republicans this year.

And AP reported Monday that Karl Rove’s American Crossroads super PAC and its affiliated non-profit, Crossroads GPS, bought $9.4 million in ad time in North Carolina, Colorado, Alaska and Arkansas between now and August.

You can bet that the Republican candidates in all these races will be just as bad as Thom Tillis and Mitch McConnell … the last thing America needs is another crop of reckless Tea Party extremists joining the ranks of Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Marco Rubio.

There are a lot of things wrong with this picture. First, who in the world is still supporting people like Tillis? Haven’t we had enough extremism to last us centuries? What have they accomplished? And for whom? Can you honestly tell me that the average American has benefited from any of the Tea Party’s legislation and policies?

And why are we still letting the Koch Brothers anywhere near politics?? Look at who they support! Furthermore, why is the Supreme Court allowing people like the Koch Brothers to have any influence in the elections of states they don’t even live in? That doesn’t sound like democracy to me. We’ve got to get the Citizens United and the McCutcheon rulings reversed!

For more information and solid reporting on campaign contributions, Citizens United, the McCutcheon case, and “dark money” in general, check out I highly recommend this website as a great way to keep track of these issues. If we don’t, people like the Koch Brothers will continue getting away with buying elections and inserting the worst possible politicians into government. How long will we allow this to go on?



4 thoughts on “Republicans & The Koch Bros. Eyeing U.S. Senate

  1. You are correct, Tanya. What the GOP is selling doesn’t sound like democracy because it isn’t democracy. Their agenda is pure unadulterated authoritarianism based on unregulated predatory capitalism, radical Christian fundamentalism, and White privilege. There’s nothing positive about it.

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