Politicians & The Public


Senator Ted Cruz has been called many things during his time in Congress. To many of his own colleagues who feel he’s too extreme, he’s a “thorn in the side” of the Republican Party. He’s also been called a “firebrand” for his ability to energize and increase supporters of the fringe Tea Party movement. In fact, MotherJones.com calls him the “Tea Party wonder boy.”

Here’s another one to add to the list- climate change denier. Speaking about energy policy during the Conservative Policy Summit, Cruz actually had the nerve to say (referring to Al Gore’s global warming documentary “An Inconvenient Truth”):

“It’s cold. Al Gore told me this wouldn’t happen.”


Though these sound like the words of a woefully uneducated man, he actually attended Princeton and Harvard Law School. He has no good reason to believe what he’s saying. He’s basically lying.

How sad when elected officials choose to ignore their responsiblity to voters to act in the best interests of society. Cruz knows that his words hold great power over his followers, just as he surely knows that to deny the truth of global warming is to endear himself to the industries that destroy the environment. Does he get money in exchange for public support of their practices? I can’t imagine any other reason that he, and others like him, would have.

In a perfect world, we could count on elected officials to genuinely care about the environment, and in doing so, care about society, since it’s all connected. But many, perhaps even most, politicians don’t care.

The remedy is to make them care! Public pressure is the way to do that.

I ask you: Why waste precious time and energy being bitter, cynical, angry, sarcastic, hateful and stubborn? And why waste the precious time and energy of others by unloading your bitterness and anger onto them through your words, be they verbal or written in a blog? Just because you’ve lost all hope does not give you the right to poison the hearts of your listeners/readers. Let them decide for themselves whether they want to give up their hope. Try being part of the solution, not the problem! The problem we face doesn’t just come from politicians or corporations, but by those who insist that we sit on our asses and do nothing but complain.


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