Female Self-Consciousness (Even Celebs Feel It!)


Jennifer Lawrence- She says she looks like a troll! (Photo from mrwallpaper.com)

If you’re a woman, you are most likely familiar with the dreaded, sinking feeling of self-consciousness. I feel it myself. The voice in your head that says, “I look so fat in this” is something my brain has, many a day, uttered as well. And that voice grows ever louder when we compare ourselves to our counterparts on TV and in the movies. They just look so perfect, don’t they?



What did she do to get this body post-pregnancy? I shudder to think. (bollywoodlife.com)

As we speak, actress Jenna Dewan-Tatum is on the cover of “Us Weekly” flaunting her flawless post-pregnancy figure. She’s almost rubbing our faces in the fact that most women do not look like that after giving birth!

So how did she do it? Who knows, but it’s a safe bet it involved either plastic surgery, expensive skin creams that reduce stretch marks, extreme dieting and/or work outs (possibly even during pregnancy), etc, etc. Given her likely unlimited funds as a celebrity (her husband is an actor, too), she has access to anything the market has to offer. Is it any wonder, than, that she looks like that? Did Jenna Dewan-Tatum feel she needed to go to such lengths to be acceptable to Hollywood? To herself?

Get this- contrary to what we would imagine, many female celebs we think look perfect and have seemingly perfect lives are just as self-conscious as we are. Take for example the beautiful and talented Jennifer Lawrence, star of the film “The Hunger Games.” As gorgeous as she is, she had some surprising things to say about herself on a talk show:

I look like a troll.

The movie [The Hunger Games] was great. Their only mistake was putting me in it.

What?!?! While I admire her candor very much, I must say that I was stunned to hear her speak that way after having been on the cover of several magazines by that point.

Another absolute beauty, Megan Fox, has transformed for the worst thanks to multiple plastic surgery and/or Botox procedures to a face that has been on the cover of countless magazines and voted by several publications as one of most beautiful in Hollywood. Why change a face like that? Well, what she told an interviewer a few years ago absolutely screams low self-esteem (from contactmusic.com):

I don’t think I’m a sexy, beautiful woman. I look like Ted Nugent in a black wig.

Seriously?!?! Ted Nugent is a guy!

Successful actress Nicole Kidman said she was self-conscious about her height as a teen (she’s 5′ 11″ [1.8m]). She said (from digitalspy.com):

I didn’t know whether I could become an actress because I was so tall and  gangly. I wish I could have known, at the time, that it was character building.

On the other side of this, elegant-as-ever actress, Olivia Wilde, bragged about never having lost a competitive eating contest! She once ate 33 pancakes in one sitting, with butter and syrup! The fact that she could say that in an interview suggests she’s doing something right- she’s couldn’t care less how gross that makes her sound! She even called the quite unladylike achievement “kind of disgusting,” but said it anyway! Perhaps she was lucky enough to have learned a priceless lesson early in life- that none of us need care what society or the media wants us to be or look like. Let’s be ourselves and be proud of it!


Image courtesy of data.whicdn.com


4 thoughts on “Female Self-Consciousness (Even Celebs Feel It!)

  1. No Tanya …… Ted Nugent isn’t a guy, Ted Nugent is an ASS! Most magazine covers of “stars” are air brushed to look that way.

    The question I ask you is why would you, who know already how shallow these people are, be surprised what in the fuck they look like or say.

    The thing about actors and actresses is they make their living being other people and some of them forget who THEY are. If they ever knew in the first place.

    But I agree with you that we should be ourselves and be proud of it. And the easiest way of doing that is not read women’s magazines that are ALWAYS based on comparisons of what is “beautiful” and what is not …….. fuck that!

  2. I think all of us feel self conscious when we are made to feel as though we exist as an image, rather than as a complete person. There was a brilliant satire article in a women and baby magazine in Britain about how a young mother would have her jaws sewn shut just to ensure she lost weight! How ridiculous is our society becoming, when extra body weight feeds a woman and stops her from loosing nutrients while her baby develops! And if she breast feeds her baby afterwards (which no woman should feel compelled to do either) then she needs the pregnancy weight! As though magazines know better than a woman’s own body!

    (And women should not be thrust into roles which assume she would only like to be sexy for men either!!!). But I shouldn’t get started on this! Thanks Tanya.

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