Leaked UN Climate Report Paints Bleak Picture For Humanity

Tanya’s Comments: The article goes on to describe a time in the far future in which who ever is left standing will ask why the most powerful nation in the world, the United States, permitted “a cabal so xenophobic, so vehemently anti-science, to dictate climate policy.” I love how the author refers to the Republican Party as a cabal. It’s quite a strong term, but frighteningly fitting.

The ones left standing won’t care about the details of 21st century politics- they’ll lack the luxury of such musings. Instead, they’ll worry about their ever declining quality of life. They’ll look out at a mutilated, defaced environment that can barely sustain life. And they’ll be angry. They’ll be angry at Republicans (inc. the Tea Party) for choosing religion and money over science, common sense, and compassion. And they’ll be angry at everyone else for allowing Republicans to have their way. They’ll say, “Why did they do this to us?”

The Secular Jurist

When Historians in 2100 look back at the events of the early 2000’s they will conclude that the most profound and far-reaching characteristic of the political gridlock in the United States during that era wasn’t either party’s position on taxes, Social Security, Medicare, immigration, guns, gay marriage or abortion, but rather the reflexive dismissal by the Republican Party of anything preceded by the letters “U.N.”

Writing on virtual, evanescent screens in their air-conditioned enclaves, situated well above saturated coastal regions teeming with desperate populations, they will ask themselves why any nation–let alone the world’s wealthiest–would permit a cabal so xenophobic, so vehemently anti-science to dictate climate policy at a time when the whole of human civilization stood dependent on concerted, cooperative action. They will ask why any nation would have empowered those whose sole objection to scientific truth boiled down to the fact that it was presented to them by…

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