Bad News for Gun Control Advocates

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A gun bill that will give sweeping “Stand Your Ground” immunity to people who use deadly force “to protect themselves” advanced in the Ohio House Tuesday, passing a House committee 7-4, over the objections of the state’s law enforcement community ( The full House passed the bill by a vote of 62-27 late Wednesday. The Senate, which is more than two-thirds Republican, has not yet considered the bill. But as we know, Republicans don’t like gun laws, so it’s not looking good.

The bill, which is backed by the NRA, is the same as the Stand Your Ground laws in Florida. The only positive about this is that the Ohio version does not appear to grant complete legal immunity to those who raise a Stand Your Ground defense, as the law in Florida does.

The bill also includes allowing automatic permit reciprocity with any state that recognizes Ohio’s licenses, which I assume means that if you have a gun permit from another state, it will be valid in Ohio as well.

All very scary stuff. The constant push to loosen already lax gun laws and strengthen Stand Your Ground makes no logical sense to me. This could only make sense to people who love guns, regardless of the havoc they wreak on their fellow man.

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