Democrats Feeling Hopeful About 2013 Elections

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Some good news from the New York Times for anyone fed up with the Republicans and the Tea Party:

Here and nationally, the Democratic Party is enjoying something of a boomlet in newly declared candidacies for the House. Since Oct. 1, five candidates have lined up to contest Republican-held seats, with at least four more in the wings, Democratic officials say. Almost all say they are driven to run — ostensibly, at least — by disgust over the shutdown, first espoused by Senator Ted Cruz, a Texas Republican, and embraced by Tea Party Republicans in the House and, eventually, most others as well.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, which recruits candidates and funnels money into races it deems winnable, claims that the shutdown will push others to enter 2014 House races within weeks. In Indiana and in other districts in Arkansas and New Jersey, other Democrats are publicly signaling their intentions to run for Republican seats next year. Almost all cite the shutdown and Republicans’ threat to provoke a default on the federal debt as a crucial factor in their calculations.

Come election day (Tuesday, November 5), use your vote to tell Congress that you’re sick of the GOP and the Tea Party holding the government hostage to get what they want.


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