Don’t Take the Right-Wing Media’s Word For It About Obamacare

Sean Hannity of Fox News - courtesy of

Sean Hannity of Fox News – courtesy of


On Rachel Maddow’s blog (from The Rachel Maddow Show on MSNBC), there’s an article about how the right-wing media is still working on ways to sabotage Obamacare’s success. It seems that they are resorting to telling straight-up lies about it at this point.

The article says that Eric Stern of tracked down guests that appeared on an episode of the right-wing leaning Hannity Show on Fox News. In this particular episode, guests told sob stories of how Obamacare has ruined things for them. Here’s what happened when he caught up with them:

First was a North Carolina couple that said the health care law is hurting their construction business, forcing them to keep their employees at part-time status. As it turns out, what they said on the air was simply made up.

Then there was a woman who was paying over $13,000 a year in premiums, who was recently told by her insurer that her plan was being terminated. This was proof, she told Hannity, that when Obama said consumers could keep their plans if they wanted, it wasn’t true. What she neglected to mention on the air is that, thanks to the law she opposes, she can sign up for coverage through an exchange and save several thousand dollars a year for better insurance.
Finally, there was a Tennessee couple who said they’re facing a rate increase of 50% to 75%. Asked if they’d shopped around in the new marketplace, the couple said they refuse, which is a shame – when Stern checked for them, he found a plan for them that would cut their health care costs by 63%.
If the dreaded “Obamacare” were really so awful, and is poised to hurt so many families, shouldn’t Fox and other opponents find it easier to find real anecdotal evidence?
I think that last statement sums it up best. Obamacare is not perfect, but do your own research before believing what people like Fox News have to say about it.

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